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Choose between bicycle insurance or cyclist insurance – or don’t take any chances and get both with 10% off.

Not taking chances

Bicycle and Cyclist cover is a comprehensive insurance solution providing cover for both your bicycle and for you as a rider, public liability cover for you as a road user, and help with the cost of treatment in the unfortunate case of an accident.

Let's split it up

Deciding to only get protection for your bicycle would mean you are covered for scenarios unique to cycling with optional benefits like worldwide cover or racing cover. Protecting only you as a rider within our Cyclist Insurance would include incidents that occur worldwide, however public liability cover is not available in the USA and Canada. Racing cover is available as optional for protection during participation in organised sportives, charity rides & triathlons.

We've got
YOU covered

Despite your best efforts, accidents can happen with other road users while you're out cycling. Our Cyclist insurance comes standard with public liability cover of up to £2,000,000. Personal accident cover of up to £10,000 in the event of death or permanent injury and private medical for costs up to £300.

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Why choose a
specialist bicycle
insurance provider?

There are plenty of companies offering some form of cycle insurance, but very few of those insurers cover everything you actually need. Home and contents providers often cut corners on their cover, or don't offer key things like public liability cover. In the worst case scenario, a simple failure to read the small print can even cost thousands of pounds, should you discover that your brand new road bike or mountain bike wasn't covered for, say, use in a sportive or race.

You should make sure you choose a specialist cycle insurance company when you cover your bike, after all, it’s so much more to you than just a possession; it’s your ticket to fun, adventure, fitness and better mental health. We’re authorised and regulated by the financial authorities in the UK. While membership of British Cycling (silver or higher) and British Triathlon does give you public liability cover it does not cover member to member liability in an event.


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